The Discount of Evolution in Sociology

Takács, Károly (2016) The Discount of Evolution in Sociology. [Data Collection]


How is taught and what considered as most important is a mirror to a scientific discipline. Despite being internally fragmented by clashes of paradigms, sociology textbooks and introductory courses show a remarkable similarity in their content and share a peculiar neglect of small scale societies, non-human social relations, and deeper, evolutionary explanations. This paper describes the extent of this avoidance in sociology curricula and in textbooks; and the position of the most emblematic classical contributions in sociology. The mistreatment is explained by the strong position of sociology in the nature vs. nurture debate, by failures of previous synthesis attempts, by some unresolved issues of evolutionary explanations of human sociality, and by epistemological critiques of evolutionary explanations. In reaction to this mistreatment, the benefits of synthesis with evolutionary thinking are discussed, on a sociological ground. The file contains detailed information about: - the search methods used - how rankings were constructed - a detailed description of the content of syllabi of introductory sociology courses at top ranked programs - and full references of the book editions that were searched.

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Title in English: The Discount of Evolution in Sociology
Keywords: rank, ranking, aggregation
Subjects: H Social Sciences > HM Sociology
Divisions: Institute for Sociology
Research funder: European Research Council (ERC), Hungarian Scientific Research Fund
Depositing User: Judit Gárdos
Date Deposited: 03 Nov 2016 10:32
Last Modified: 27 Jan 2017 10:50

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