CONREASON – The Comparative Constitutional Reasoning Project

Jakab, András and Dyevre, Arthur and Itzcovich, Giulio (2015) CONREASON – The Comparative Constitutional Reasoning Project. [Data Collection]


The primary purpose of the CONREASON project is to develop the most comprehensive and most systematic analysis of constitutional reasoning that has ever been produced. Secondary purposes are to promote the use of more rigorous (social science) methods in legal scholarship and to inform normative debates on constitutional reasoning. The focus of the project is thus not on constitutional law itself, but on the language of constitutional law. The document "369-methodological-background" contains the most important information regarding the collection. The output of the analysis contains different Excel files with results and graphs. A separate Excel file contains the descriptive statistics by different country categories (sat_an_descriptivesstats_new_1119-369.xlsx) and by three questions’ results (stat_an_BYq3q4q5-369.xlsx). Another Excel file contains the time series analysis (stat_an_Time series-369.xlsx). The third one is the ‘differentia specifica’ which contains the characteristics of how countries differ from each other (stat_an_differentia specifica_2-369.xlsx). All the correlations in all the country categories are listed in one separate Excel workbook (sat_an_total_matrix_new-369.xlsx). The cluster analyses on the non-aggregated database and on the aggregated database are in separate Excels (stat_an_nonaggregated_cluster_results-369.xlsx; stat_an_aggregated_cluster_results-369.xlsx; stat_an_argument_cluster_results-369.xlsx). The means and variances of the variables are summarized in one workbook (sat_an_mean_and_variance_3-369.xlsx). Scatterplots of a few variables correlations are illustrated in another Excel file (Stat_an_scatterplots_2-369.xlsx). The collection contains the following 36 files: - deposit form -1 working paper -1 methodological background -19 expert opinions -1 dataset -13 statistical analyses

Legal and ethical issues

Additional information:
Keywords: alkotmány, nyelv, jog
Keywords in English: constitution, language, law
Subjects: H Social Sciences > H Social Sciences (General)
K Law > K Law (General)
Divisions: Institute for Legal Studies
Research funder: VolkswagenStiftung
Depositing User: Judit Gárdos
Date Deposited: 03 Dec 2015 08:39
Last Modified: 09 Apr 2019 12:55

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