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Abadi, David and Arnaldo, Irene and Fischer, Agneta (2021) Anxious and Angry: Emotional Responses to the COVID-19 Threat. Frontiers in Psychology, 12 (676116).

Abadi, David and Arnaldo, Irene and Fischer, Agneta (2020) Anxious and Angry: Emotional and Political Motives for Approving of and Complying with Hygiene Measures related to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Working Paper. -, PsyArXiv Preprints.

Sahin, Osman and Vegetti, Federico and Korkut, Umut and Bobba, Giuliano and Mancosu, Moreno and Seddone, Antonella and Stępińska, Agnieszka and Bennett, Samuel and Lipiński, Artur and Sotiropoulos, Dimitri A. and Tsatsanis, Manos and Mitsikostas, Alexia and Árendás, Zsuzsanna and Messing, Vera and Hubé, Nicolas and Baloge, Martin (2021) Citizens’ Reactions to Populism in Europe: How do target groups respond to the populist challenge? Working Paper. -. (Unpublished)

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Lembcke, Oliver W. (2021) Mapping Policy Patterns of Populist Parties. A Quantitative Cross-Country Analysis. Working Paper. -. (Unpublished)

Marincea, Adina and Školkay, Andrej and Baloge, Martin and Bertero, Arturo and Bobba, Giuliano and Hubé, Nicolas and Lipiński, Artur and Mancosu, Moreno and Matic, Dejan and Sahin, Osman and Tsatsanis, Emmanouil and Sotiropoulos, Dimitri A. (2021) Populism and Social Media: A comparative analysis of populists’ shared content and networks on Facebook. Working Paper. -. (Unpublished)

Gruszczynski, Lukasz and Friedery, Réka and Crescenzi, Andrea and Dimitriadi, Angeliki and du Vall, Katarzyna and Forastiero, Rosita and Körtvélyesi, Zsolt and Školkay, Andrej and Szép, Viktor (2021) The Populist Challenge of Common EU Policies - The Case of (Im)migration. Working Paper. -. (Unpublished)

Pano, Esther and Medir, Lluís and Magre, Jaume and Havlik, Vlastimil and Dobos, Gábor and Belluati, Marinella and Bobba, Giuliano and Roncarolo, Franca and Seddone, Antonella and Sahin, Osman (2021) Populist Governance in Regional and Local Governments. Working Paper. -. (Unpublished)

Karamanidou, Lena (2021) Populist Parties: Migration Policy and Discourses in the European Parliament. Working Paper. -. (Unpublished)

Horváthy, Balázs and Szép, Viktor (2021) Populist policy positions in the European Parliament - The Eurozone Crisis. Working Paper. -. (Unpublished)

Abadi, David and Cabot, Pere-Lluís Huguet and Duyvendak, Jan Willem and Fischer, Agneta (2020) Socio-Economic or Emotional Predictors of Populist Attitudes across Europe. Working Paper. -, PsyArXiv Preprints.

Soós, Gábor and Körösényi, András and Sebők, Miklós and Papp, Zsófia and Gyulai, Attila and Szűcs, Zoltán Gábor and Horváth, Péter and Pál, Gábor and Bíró Nagy, András and Oross, Dániel and Brunczel, Balázs and Dobos, Gábor and Ondré, Péter and Palatitz, András and Nógrádi, András (2013) Election Pledges and Public Policy in Hungary, 1990-2014. [Data Collection]

Bartha, Attila and Kopasz, Marianna and Takács, Judit (2020) Are the Populists Doing Better? Public Policy Lessons of the Coronavirus Pandemic: Management of the Pandemic in Europe's Liberal and Populist Democracies. In: Vírusba oltott politika: Világjárvány és politikatudomány (Virus Vaccinated by Politics: Pandemics and Political Sciences vaccinated). Napvilág Kiadó, Budapest, pp. 89-108. ISBN 978-963-338-465-7

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